Value Your Trade in Fort Wayne, IN

These days, almost anything can be fully accomplished online. This very true of valuing a current vehicle to either trade for the latest in new Kia models or to simply sell outright. The option yours to implement.

At Fort Wayne Kia, we've partnered with Kelley Blue Book (KBB) in offering Fort Wayne drivers and shoppers a secure online space to value a current vehicle.

The Ease of Trading, Selling a Current Vehicle

At this moment, pre-owned vehicles still hold elevated value. This means the Fort Wayne driver looking to sell or trade will have more in leverage to exert. From this is a check in-hand or trade value lowering new Kia monthly payments going forward.

When accessing our KBB Trade-in Value portal, the ease of which value is established is convenient and remarkable in the following steps:

  • Enter license plate, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or simple make and model details to get started.
  • Next will be a form to enter contact information for the delivery of your Trade-in Report.
  • Once supplied, you then select for drivetrain, enter mileage and tick-off equipment.
  • Then, you have the opportunity of selecting the new Kia model you wish to trade towards, or make your intentions known to sell outright.

With all the above complete, an estimated value of your current vehicle is provided without delay in your very own Trade-in Report.

You may then use the report to essentially lower a down payment, which lessens monthly payments in a new Kia model. It's that simple, even if your desire is to sell your current vehicle to us outright.

Fort Wayne Kia - Making Trading or Reselling Easy for Fort Wayne Drivers

For more information on selling or trading your current vehicle, contact our Kia trade-in professionals for answers.