Kia's long-awaited debut for their revolutionary Kia Nero Concepts at the annual Frankfurt Motor Show, exactly a year after the new Soul was debuted at the same auto show a year earlier. And now that the date is upon us, let's take one last exciting preview at what is expected to be debuted on September 10th in Germany.

The new Kia Nero will be a smaller-sized, sporty and quick, performance oriented hatchback that will come with eye-popping exterior style, and fun and convenient technology like a widescreen infotainment center, butterfly doors, and a completely revamped powertrain.

Designed by Kia's Frankfurt design studios, the automaker kept urban drivers in mind when designing this stylish and compact model. And because they want this model to be ideal for a tight urban environment, if and when this model does hit production lines, the butterfly doors might not be included.

While interior cabins are usually kept somewhat sparse when they are first debuted at the annual industry trade shows, there are still some eye-catching features included on this one. The main one being of course a freestanding display which houses a myriad of functions, and also featured on the dashboard is a light that appears to activate 4-wheel drive, something that would be a very exciting addition to the Kia new model lineup.

While the Niro is not yet available, the current Kia model lineup is plenty exciting in itself. Come see us at 1030 Avenue of the Autos, in Fort Wayne, IN.

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