Here at Fort Wayne Kia, we have been firsthand witnesses to the increasing popularity of our manufacturer. We see this everyday as more and more customers come into our Fort Wayne, IN Kia dealership having heard from their friends how capable and reliable 2013-14 new Kia model lineup truly is. But while we've had a hunch that Kia was on the up and up as a brand for a few years now, a new study has shown (in a much more quantifiable way) that Kia has been gaining as a brand.

Every year, widely-respected business consultation firm InterBrand compiles a list of the Top 100 Best Global Brands. The occupants of the coveted 100 spots are determined by expert analysis of a company's financial performance and a multitude of other performance indicating factors.

And, we're happy to report that Kia not only notched one of these coveted spots, they also solidified their stance and improved upon their rank on the list from 2012. Yes indeed, Kia moved up the list four spots from its previous rank to being the 83rd best brand in the world, behind some very notable brands like Apple and Coca Cola.

How exactly did the automaker achieve this impressive feat? Well they increased their sales revenue by 15 percent over the course of the year to 4.7 billion dollars. The incredibly high quality and safety standards involved in Kia manufacturing was noted by the study as well.

Are you curious about what is making Kia such a popular and growing brand? Come visit our conveniently located Fort Wayne, IN Kia dealership soon.

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