What do I do if I received a recall notification from Kia or think there may be one on the Kia I am currently driving?

Kia, like other manufacturers, makes every effort to notify current owners of recalls on their Kia vehicle.  Additionally, our Kia Service Team checks every Kia which comes through our service department for open recalls, in the event that the owner did not receive a notice from Kia.  If you receive a recall notice from Kia, contact our Service Team at 260-482-7444 or 855-983-7091.

Can I stop in anytime to get a recall completed by Fort Wayne Kia, if I have received a notification from Kia on my vehicle?

The best answer to that question is NO.  While there may be occasions when we can handle a recall, while your vehicle is in for a regular service appointment, the best practice is to call our Kia Service Team at 260-482-7444 or 855-983-7091 and schedule a time to bring your Kia in to have a recall completed.  This will allow us to be sure we have the parts necessary, in stock, and schedule the time required to complete the recall.  We want your experience with the handling of a Kia recall to be trully exceptional.

What if I am not sure whether my vehicle is covered by a recall I heard about on the TV, radio or Internet?

Once again, the best practice would be for you to contact our Kia Service Team at 260-482-7444 or 855-983-7091.  They will need the Vehicle Identification Number(VIN) off of your vehicle.  That can be easily found on the title or registration to your Kia.  You may also need to provide the current mileage on your Kia.  If our Service Team determines your Kia is covered under a current recall, they can schedule you to bring in your vehicle at a convenient day and time.


Should you have any other questions about your Kia, please feel free to contact us at 260-482-7444 or 855-983-7091.  If we don't have an immediate answer to your question, we will get one for you as quickly as possible.